¿What is Coronadeolivo?

Coronadeolivo.com is a young and dynamic project that is perfectly adapted to the new times. We spend much of our effort to Social Networks, Online Sales and Internet in general and believe that there is another way to market authentic olive oil. In addition,we are teachers olive for over 40 years in love with the art of cultivating olives. We have a unique position in Andalusia, because our farms are located in Jaén and Porcuna (province of Jaén), birthplace of Olive Oil. The excellent weather for growing attached to excellent handling Olivo carried out by the mills make our exclusive Olive Oil olives 100% Picual variety is a true product of Gourmet.

So Coronadeolivo.com born with the idea of adding value to the sale of olive oil to the final consumer. For us, the most important thing is that our customers receive every fresh, seasonal and fresh from the mill, without being exposed for long periods of time to heat, air and light, and these three factors, the greatest enemies olive oil, helping to create free radicals that accelerate oxidation over liquid gold.

Our best guarantty is that you consume olive oil directly from the tree, without intermediaries that can erode the produc. For this, besides putting our Olivos Oil at your disposal, we have also selected the best providers of the world capital of olive oil, exclusively located in the province of Jaén, in order to offer the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic.

The aim of Coronadeolivo.com, is to provide all our visitors a real taste of an authentic, pillar of our Mediterranean diet, to feel and perceive your health every day the many advantages of using the best oil in the world .

We have incorporate into our platform Orders the following sales channels in addition to our traditional shop:

Social Networks:




  +34 630 624 481

In Coronadeolivo you’re connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can order Olive Oil, from anywhere, how, when and where you want. 

We want the website to be enjoyable, fun and entertaining. So, besides being able to access the store or find out about the great features of our products in different sections, live the wonderful experience of being a sponsor of one of the olive trees that make our Land La Solana in Jaén. Enter Sponsor an Olive Tree and find out!.

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