Sponsor an Olive Tree

Sponsor an Olive tree is a movement created with the purpose of avoiding
that disadvantaged growers leave the art of cultivating olives and improve oil production. The price of olives in Spanish mills are reaching historic lows. So low is the price in many areas of Spain that growers, think seriously don´t harvest because harvesting costs more than the money they will be paid for the olive fruit. The growers have understood that it was time to take action breaking what market superstores do our prized liquid gold, promoting direct selling and removing the middlemen. We will give you fresh and seasonal oil, without long exposures to heat, air or light that damage our famous treasure of Jaén.


Advantages of being sponsor

From Corona de olivo we wanted to go a step further, opting for a new type of consumption much healthier, more comfortable and economical in price / performance ratio.
And, through movement Sponsor an olive tree, we put our dear olive trees available to all customers. For a contribution of 59.95€ (VAT included), anyone can sponsor an olive tree and get most of the gallons of oil which is provided by the tree (15 liters approximately).

Be our virtual farmer

The sponsors will donate the amount of 59.95€ for maintenance and agricultural work necessary to the happiness of their olive trees and can enjoy virgin olive oil of the highest quality. This way you will live the experience of being a full year virtual growers, keeping you informed of all actions and care that farmers make about your oliv tree, fertilizers, plowing, pruning, harvesting olives in the last months of the year. It is great, isn’t it?. And, of course, you can renew your sponsorship every year.

Certificate and land visits

To make this adventure an even more rewarding experience, sponsors will receive a certificate of sponsorship with the picture of your tree. We are working in the idea of that you can perform a visit every year in their natural habitat, located in Paraje Chispas, within our finca La Solana in Jaén. From Corona de olivo we will just give you seasonal oil. From olive tree to your home in 48 hours.



Choose and enjoy your Olive Oil

You will receive 15 Liters of Olive Oil on your own in one of the following Lots of your choice:

* Lot 1. Comprised of three 5-liter bottles.


*Lot 2. Composed of 15 One Liter Bottles.


Surprise with the perfect gift

Imagine the look of surprise that would any member of your family, partner or friends if you give up a Jaén Olive. Unbelievable Truth!. A tree becomes the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary or special events such as Christmas. This includes any other quality, health benefits and collaboration with the environment. Olivo is a symbol of peace and life.
You can request that submissions are made to the same address or different addresses, in case you want to surprise someone special. And if you have any questions please contact us. Dare! We hope you.


Support the enviroment

With this project, we help to ensure the continuity of essential trees for the natural landscape and the environment for the important role they play in producing oxygen and moderate soil temperatures, in a world increasingly destroyed by hand of man.

Ultimately, sponsor an olive tree becomes the perfect formula since, with the contribution of all the sponsors, not only get the best olive oil, and help us to ensure the continuity of the trees, and hence, our seas fond of olive trees that we always spent with our car through the province of Jaén.







Contact with the Godfather Movement

And remember you can sponsor as many trees as you like and buy throughout the year all types of oil that we offer on our online store!

If you have any questions about our initiative please write to apadrinaunolivo@coronadeolivo.com. The sponsor movement team will answer all your personally.

Click here to sponsor your olive tree now!


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