Oro de Bailén casa del agua 2litros

Box 3 pet Bottles of 2Liters Oro de Bailén 'Gran Selección'

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Spain Food Award 2009. The Great Selection is a mature oil with an exquisite flavor, smooth and balanced. The olive harvest takes place at the optimum ripeness. Cold extraction without addition of water to ensure and enjoy authentic juice of olives. The variety of olives is the most content in oleic acid and antioxidants. Exceptional.
Manufacturer: Oro de Bailén
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Review: Aurora - Jaca, es un aceite excepcional, con un color verde precioso y un sabor inigualable. Muy práctico el envase de 2L porque se puede manejar cómodamente sin tener que ir trasvasándolo
Monday, 07 December 2015
Review: Jose Arturo-Ponferrada, Habitualmente compro aceite de esa zona, nunca habia probado el producto suyo - me llego hace dos dias- y me rindo a la evidencia, es muy bueno, es caro pero su textura, aroma ,sabor y calidad hacen que ya me haya olvidado del precio, proximamente les pedire mas pero con el formato de 5 litros
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Production: This stunning olive juice is obtained from the first cold. It is suitable for use both in kitchen, fried, sauteed, ingredient in traditional cuisine. Excellent to enjoy in toast and salads. 
The Oro de Bailén Gram Selección is packed in pet format, designed for the consumer or family use.
For a liter of Oro de Bailen requires between 5.5 and 6 kg. olive, in percentage terms, with yields of between 16.5% and 18% oil depending on the harvest each year.
Variety and Origin: Picual - Jaén
Tasting Notes: Noted for its fruity aroma of medium intensity, with a similarity of intensity in both green and ripe nuances at its peak, reminiscent of fruits such as tomatoes and almonds. The palate has a sweet entry, with a delicate, slightly bitter, accompanied at the end with a touch of hotness, both in perfect balance, very harmonious and medium intensity - low.
Awards and Quality Certificates:
AEMO Best mill in Spain 2013
Product Certification by standard AOVE 34000
Certified Quality Andalusia
Others: Acidity 0.13º Peroxides: 4.5
Health Benefits: Reduces the level of bad cholesterol while maintaining good levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, regulates bowel movement and prevents aging of the tissues by its antioxidant action thanks to the high percentage of oleic acid.

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